This mass UN walkout during the Russia foreign minister’s speech had everyone applauding

A graphic illustration of how isolated Russia has become in the wake of its invasion of Ukraine came at the United Nations Human Rights Council.

A video message by Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov had just begun playing when this happened.

Diplomats from Britain, the US and European Union were among those to walk out of the meeting in Geneva on Tuesday and here are just a few of the things people were saying about it over on Reddit.

‘You KNOW you fucked up when you manage to pull together the European Union and the Talibans to side against you on the same topic.’

‘Everyone just noped out.’

‘To the people saying this is bad — they have tried to talk peacefully with Russia countless times before. It hasn’t worked. Why give it an audience?’

‘I know most people think themselves the good guy in their personal narrative, but when an entire room walks out on you, you gotta start realizing you’re the asshole.’

‘They should have muted him and kept asking him to speak louder.’

‘What a symbolic picture.

‘A pariah of the world.’

And then there was this, shared by Redditor Jeni_Sui_Generis.


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