Dolly Parton’s anecdote about being scammed into paying for an old guy’s meal had a funny twist

There’s never a bad time to hear from Dolly Parton, and this story she told Jimmy Fallon back in January has gone viral, so it’s the perfect excuse.

Only Dolly is allowed to make jokes about Dolly. It’s the law. Redditors enjoyed it very much.

That was kind of wholesomely funny, like a dad joke but from a mom, a mom joke.

I’m a new fan but oh boy do I love her! My stepmom always loved her and I never knew why, but the more I’ve found out about her lately I see what an awesome person she is!

People shared just why everyone loves Dolly Parton – and there were a lot of reasons

She is LEGENDARY and should get more credit than she does! Just a tiny example : She has wrote 1’000’s of songs, she created dollywood to help her community, she pays for free books for thousands of children every year and has been for 10 plus years now!

She also donated a boatload of money to Vanderbilt Medical Center’s covid vaccine research department.

She was also an uncredited producer of the show Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

And when she played an angel in a netflix Christmas movie she pulled a little girl out of the way of a moving vehicle saving a child’s life.

She also donated millions to the survivors of the wildfires we had several years ago in the Smokey Mountains.

Dollywood employees also get 100% coverage for tuition and books for college starting day 1! Legendary.

In short –

She’s about the closest we will get to a female version of Keanu Reeves in terms of unintentional awesomeness.


Dolly Parton got her first dose of the vaccine she helped fund – and it was peak Dolly

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