This convoy trucker’s conspiracy theory will have you facepalming into next week

It’s easy to mock the truckers’ convoy in the United States, the trucker-led caravan protesting against vaccine and mask mandates when few of the mandates they are protesting about exist anymore.

Which shouldn’t stop you doing it, obviously, and this is one of our favourites, an exchange featuring the fabulous @TheGoodLiars in which they asked one particular trucker about the issues that were important to them.

And that sound you can here is a large proportion of the internet facepalming its way into next week.

Didn’t see that coming.

And this was also brilliantly done.

@thegoodliars I guess the Trucker Convoy loves Joe Biden? #fyp #trucker #dc #maryland #funny #honk #TGLNYC ♬ original sound – The Good Liars

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