The long distance fury of the poor guy watching this workplace fail is absolutely tangible

Unfortunate workplace fail of the day surely goes to this person, who’s doing something very complicated with logs and doesn’t quite manage it.

And spare a thought not only for them but the person watching on the right. Because even though they’re so far away and you’re not exactly watching in high definition, their fury is absolutely tangible.

‘Dude is having the worst day,’ said Redditor verIshortname who shared it.

If we were the person in the cab we think we’d just drive home. Very slowly, obviously.

‘I feel like the equipment operator should get the truck driver an apology cookie. One of those oversized cookie cake things with, “Sorry I destroyed your livelihood!”

‘That will make up for it.’

‘A small company had this happen with one of their trucks. The mill refused to pay for the damages initially, and then indicated that if they did pay for the damages, they were no longer going to allow that company to come on mill property…’

‘Just tip it back over. Those dents will probably buff out.’

‘Press Ctrl+Z to undo.’

‘Just lost his job and fucked up a man’s livelihood because he didn’t wait to boom down for 10 more seconds.’

‘The load shifted, I think he panicked.’

‘The dude’s reaction is so f-cking human.

‘Everytime something awful is about to happen, but you know it in advance and can do nothing about it, that’s the go to reaction, throwing your hands up and throwing yourself to the floor head/shoulders first.

‘I wonder why.’

Let’s hope it all worked out okay in the end.


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Source Reddit u/verIshortname gfycat