Adam Hills’ masterly takedown of this grim troll had everyone cheering

Over on Twitter, the great Adam Hills shared this takedown of a troll who took aim at him on Twitter and lived to regret it.

‘Bit of grammatical fun on Facebook tonight. Fighting fire with pedantry,’ said The Last Leg presenter – @adamhillscomedy – on Twitter.

And just in case that’s tricky to read …

‘Your about as funny as a peedo in a school and I think everyone is bored shitless about you keep banging on about your one leg!

And Hills’ response …

‘Should be ‘You’re’ and ‘Paedo’. Also, you don’t need the word ‘keep’ in there. Plus, the way you’ve written your message makes it look like your name is Prick.

‘Oh, and they would be bored shitless ‘of’ me banging on about my leg, not ‘about’ me banging on.’


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Source Twitter @adamhillscomedy