The confusing perspective of this tunnel ‘obstruction’ is a proper mind-blower

The confusing perspective of this tunnel ‘obstruction’ is like the perfect optical illusion.

It was shared on Reddit by StormShadow250 and it’s not just the driver whose mind was blown.

Once you see it, you see it. But before you see it … properly terrifying.

‘I lost it when he was like i am high and the relief in his voice knowing its safe to keep driving lol.’

‘I think it was more relief that there wasn’t some eldritch pit in the middle of the road.’

‘I figured it was water. But driving at night after a long day, that would probably scare the shit outta me too lol.’

‘Plot twist, it is actually a deep hole filled with water.’

‘Was low key hoping the second car would drive through the left lane and fall off the face of the earth.’

‘I thought it was a looney toons style painted wall.’


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Source Reddit u/StormShadow250