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Watch this scammer’s face when a hacker says her real name

Scam-busting hacker, Jim Browning, turns the tables on the criminals who prey on unsuspecting people, sometimes clearing out their bank accounts and leaving them destitute.

With the help of Mark Rober and Trilogy Media, he managed to install some spy cameras in a hub of this type of activity.

Watch what happened when one scammer realised her fake identity had been blown open.

The short excerpt from the the prank ended up on r/funny, where Reddit users loved seeing Jim own the scammers, and these are just a few of our favourite comments.

Jim Browning is a legend.

Never f*ck with Jim Browning – he has used drones with people to locate them and shut them down. The dude is legendary.

In one of his videos he finds the scammer’s wedding photo while they’re talking and then makes it his desktop background when he gives the scammer remote access. Lmao.

Her father should be proud that she is working at Indian Microsoft.

Some people shared their thoughts and tactics regarding scammers.

Seriously. If everyone wasted 15 minutes of their time they would very quickly stop calling.

My wife got the “do you need your ducts cleaned” call. She went for a while saying she had 12 ducks and one goose all in one room. It ended after seven or eight minutes with something along the lines of “NO YOU IDIOT! AIR VENTS! [long chain of unintelligible swearing]”

One time they made the mistake of not using a spoof number. So I called back. I called every few hours for weeks until they ditched the number. Even posted the number on internet so others could call.

u/leggpurnell had this brutal, but understandable take.

“She looks like she feels so…betrayed. Like her privacy has been invaded and her trust taken advantage of.


You can watch all 35 minutes of the prank here, and find more of Jim’s brilliant videos on the same account.

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People enjoyed how this person dealt with the ‘hacker’ who threatened to destroy their phone

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