David Mitchell’s brutal takedown of the flat Earth conspiracy theory is always worth another watch

Comedian, writer and actor, David Mitchell is a bona fide national treasure of the highly sarcastic kind, and he’s quite possibly never funnier than when he turns his scorn to the illogical.

In this clip of the Graham Norton Show, he absolutely nailed the issues with the Flat Earth International Conference, and it just never gets old.

“I’m a questioning person, so why am I going to go along with this idea that the world is round?”

I’ll tell you why – because people went up in a rocket, looked out of the window and took a bloody photo.

It recently resurfaced when it was shared on TikTok by @metaversementoring, bringing the hilarious rant to a whole new audience.

I love his angry ranting. 😂
Toran Shaw

Just brilliant and to the point.

They fly from all over the globe to that conference. 😏

Best is when they do experiments and prove that the world is round and they try to deny it. 😂😂😂
Paulina Wielewski

We should just send flat earthers to space so we can end this argument.
Khrono Paradox

Once again, WHY? What is the point of a “round earth conspiracy”? Who stands to gain?
Simon Butler

Mickmcgregor66 had a prediction.

In a couple of centuries people will look back and label this time as the modern Dark ages.

Probably without ‘modern’.

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David Mitchell’s HIGNFY tirade on the BBC and Martin Bashir had everyone applauding

Source The Graham Norton Show H/T @metaversementoring Image Screengrab