You’re about to be heavily invested in a group of friends competing to draw a perfect circle

TikToker Ali Fadel has gone viral with a clip of a garden game he recorded with some friends. All it involved was trying to draw a perfect circle, freehand, with a piece of chalk.

It doesn’t sound that gripping, but trust us – you will be invested.


Who do think will do the circle

♬ original sound – Ali Fadel

The TikTok has had almost 30 million views in three days, and picked up thousands of comments.

The contest went down really well with tweeters, who are probably rummaging through drawers for some chalk right now.

Anyway – this is how to draw a perfect circle.

@kryptednex #teacher #class #students #perfectcircle ♬ original sound – Anubis

Now, where’s that chalk?

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