This outrageous Tinder rejection got exactly the responses it deserved and more

Just one more exhibit to add to the long list of reasons why we’re glad we’ve never been on Tinder and (probably) never will.

It’s an exchange in which a single mum politely asks a man why he didn’t think they were a good match. And while his response begins reasonably enough (well, for a line or two at least) it ends up precisely the opposite.

‘Fellas, y’all okay?’ asked maggie805 over on Reddit.

And these responses surely say it all.

“lol” really smoothed things out.’

‘Well, he’s correct that modern dating is impossible for men like him. Thankfully!’

‘So being independent is a brainwashed social construct but the submissive docile stay at home housewife mom isn’t? Interesting.’

‘Monkey on space rock, life hard. Most monkey die young. Monkey make life too easy. Monkey no longer need monkey ways. Many monkey lost in modern world, as monkey ways only thing monkey brain know.’

‘I’m 43 with 2 kids. I met a wonderful man who is 44 and 2 kids. We both can’t have anymore kids and it works for us. I met some real douchebags and almost get rid of Tinder, so glad I stuck around to meet this guy. Good luck! There are some nice guys out there.’


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Source Reddit u/maggie805