You have to admire the next level stamina of this Donald Trump troll

There’s been no shortage of people pointing out Donald Trump’s lies, since before he ran for President, during his time at the White House, and since he lost the 2020 election.

Partly because there’s just so much material to work with, of course.

But few people – if anyone – has done it in quite the style of this epic Trump trolling which has just gone viral on Reddit.

‘It’s been over 3 years and I always wondered if he kept counting,’ said Redditor jdutr.

And he has, he definitely has.

Here’s the original picture from back in the day.

It turns out even this latest snapshot doesn’t do the former president justice.

‘Damn, and that was two years ago, said fellow Redditor l3etelgeuse.

‘According to the Washington Post, his total misleading or false statements have nearly doubled since then.

And here are our favourite things people said about it today.

‘Really digging the little sign on bottom.’

‘My Trump truth counter is at seven. Four were just because he got the day of the week right.’

‘He should list every lie on more poster boards.’

‘Those poster boards would break international boundaries.’

‘Oh shit even the weirdo multiple handwritten sign people are turning on him? That’s like his strongest support base.’


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Source Reddit u/jdutr