This manager’s outrageous lunch break ‘request’ got entirely the responses it deserved

To the corner of Reddit called ‘antiwork’ where people share stories of bosses you’re probably very glad you don’t work for.

And this one is straight out of the top drawer, a manager who had a special request for people on their ‘lunch breaks’.

‘I can’t work out if this is a joke?’ said Flaky_Box_7482 who shared it.

And these responses nail it 100%

‘Reply simply with “Lunch break is by definition not working hours.”

‘Or “I was not aware that our lunch breaks are paid?”

“If that is the case, I’d like to speak with HR about owed back pay. Thanks.”
Socialist Rose


“I appreciate the heads up. I was reviewing my paychecks and it seems that I’ve not been being paid for the lunch hour. Since you’ve made it clear that’s a “working hour” I’m hoping we can get that corrected.”


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Source Reddit u/Flaky_Box_7482