Tinder profile of the day

Latest in an occasional series, Tinder profile of the day goes to this 31-year-old finance manager because, well, best have a read for yourself.

It’s quite the ride.

‘Damn, some lucky guy😂,’ said Subject-Algae4386 who shared it over on Reddit.

Didn’t see that coming. And neither did these people …

‘My wife used this as her profile when we met. I just sent her the divorce paperwork. EVERYTHING IS A LIE.’

’27(M). This would still be better than the majority of dates I’ve gone on. At least she touched my arm and faked being interested.’

‘On a real note though, roasting marshmallows over a pile of burning paint, metal, and other automotive fluids will definitely shorten your lifespan.’

Although it turns out it’s not entirely new. Well, not to everyone.

‘First time i read this was before tinder was even a thing.’

Still made people smile though …


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Source Reddit u/Subject-Algae4386