This US parade fan takes the choosing beggar crown for the season

In New York, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade signals the start of the run-up to Christmas, but parades are a fairly regular part of the whole country’s traditions all year. One serial attendee had a complaint about the freebies.

u/Macs73 posted the screenshot in r/ChoosingBeggars, which is just perfect for somone kicking off about literal giveaways.

The heading included some detail –

From a Facebook group for nonprofit directors. Mints, the audacity!

They added this –

The group member said some floats threw “freezies” so if someone really wanted to complain, maybe they’d call them ice cubes? If not, that’s the part of this rant that’s pretty valid.

Fair point. Nobody wants to be pelted with ice cubes.

Redditors weren’t ready to cut the beggar any slack.

Hope it’s a joke because that’s first rate narcissism right there.

That’ll be the name of my biography, The Audacity of Mints.

What a greedy, cheap loser.


Three children in a trench coat.

I imagined this person bitching about the lack of candy and someone just handing them a bunch of ice cubes to give them reason to complain.

Sure we’ll vet all the non-profits and volunteer auxiliary marching bands to ensure they are able to give out thousands of full-size candy bars.

Could have said it with fewer words.

“I expect to come to something entertaining that I don’t have to pay for and for it to suit me and my needs. My kids even know this candy isn’t just for them, hell, I wouldn’t have even brought them if they weren’t my meal ticket.”

I feel sorry for those kids if their mom is trying to shield them from disappointments this insignificant. What’s going to happen when they don’t get picked for the team, or get the job or whatever else we all experience in life?

I hope they either refrained from replying or told her to “fuck off.”

I hope they told her she can be in charge of providing parade candy.

”Be the change you want to see, you entitled ass.”

If they took the money they spent on gas to go to many parades in the midwest, they could, like, buy a whole lot of candy.

u/MaryShelleySeaShells shared a very relatable thought.

I wish this was my biggest problem in life

As we’re talking about parades, here’s the moment Barney the Dinosaur suffered an unsurvivable wound in the 1997 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade.


An Unfortunate Thanksgiving Parade moment

Source r/ChoosingBeggars Image Pilot Brent on Pixabay