This bank worker maliciously complied with their outrageously clockwatching boss and it had everyone cheering

There’s nothing like seeing an outrageous boss getting the treatment they absolutely, 100% deserved, and this one is straight from the top drawer.

It’s the story of a bank employee who was hauled up by their manager after they deigned to leave their desk 10 minutes – a whole 10 minutes! – early.

The boss was adamant that they had to work exactly the hours that was expected of them, so that was what they got in this fabulous tale of malicious compliance which went viral on Reddit.

‘Your working hours are 9 am to 6 pm,’ said Redditor aineslis who shared it.

Boom! Here’s what they said about it later.

And here are just three of the things people said about it after the story went viral in the corner of Reddit called – where else? – ‘malicious compliance’.

‘This a malicious compliance I can get behind.

‘You are entitled to take your breaks and if they aren’t going to pay overtime you shouldn’t have to work it. Management knows this, that’s why all they could do is raise their eyebrows.’

“Are you sure” is worker speak for “This is going to bite you in the ass, you know?”

‘I always like following up clearly idiot requests with an e-mail “Per our conversation today (insert summary). Please confirm.”

‘This is delicious malicious compliance.’

‘The fact that you doing this made your collaborations better is everything to me.

‘My current work is talking about expanding hours and doing all sorts of things, and I’m over here like, “Since when are boundaries a bad thing?”

‘You let people know what the rules will consistently be and they will adjust accordingly.’

Source Reddit u/aineslis H/T Bored Panda