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This bride and groom’s wedding demands really take the cake

We’re no stranger to the concept of entitled brides and grooms, and we cut them a certain amount of slack under the circumstances – but the couple spotted by u/serafis really take the cake.

‘Bride n groom requests no perfume on the women and the men are free labour, on top of paying $360 a head.’

Is charging people to come to your wedding a thing now? If so, this lot won’t be attending anytime soon.

This would be an easy invitation to decline!!

I would need to organize my sock drawer that day and I’d tell the bride just that.

No floral colors? So I guess everyone’s wearing black and shades of brown, because I’m pretty sure I’ve seen flowers in pretty much every other color. (OK, maybe green would work, as I’ve not really seen naturally green ones. Better, but not by much.)

Why the hell are people charging a price to attend a wedding?? Who does that? If you cannot afford a $10,000 wedding, have a less expensive wedding.

For profit wedding.

We reckon u/Orbsalot is onto something here.

It’s going to be hard work putting up a marquee with 2 people…


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Source r/ChoosingBeggars Image Pexels on Pixabay