Eminem proving there are plenty of words that rhyme with ‘orange’ has just gone viral again

People are enjoying this clip of Eminem from back in the day demonstrating why it’s a lot easier to find words that rhyme with ‘orange’ than you might think.

Well, it is if you’re Eminem…

Eminem proves there are plenty of words that rhyme with “orange” in an interview 2011
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No more questions!

‘I asked my Dad once ‘what rhymes with orange.’

‘He took a moment to consider this, and said, no it doesn’t …’

‘Dad joke excellence.’

‘That’s nothing. Limp Bizkit once rhymed “Rollin” with “Rollin.”‘

‘I listen to A LOT of Coheed and Cambria. The singer of that band, Claudio Sanchez, does stuff like this.

‘He has the weirdest pronunciations for words. He will also break multiple syllable words up and create rhymes and rhythms with “half words” and stuff like that.

‘In music, I think this is very clever and a good way to create something original. There’s no rules in art!’

‘Eminem can rhyme so many things so well via what’s called syllable bending aka word bending.
Basically what’s described here.

‘At this point, I’m convinced Eminem can make Czechoslovakia rhyme with orange.’

Source Reddit u/Ocelot859