This Irish radio quiz goes from bad to worse and it’s utterly hilarious and charming

Just 57 seconds of unadulterated joy from the Galway Bay FM breakfast show.

Sarah, a hapless contestant in the morning quiz hosted by Molly and Ollie, becomes increasingly panicked and her answers just get funnier and funnier…

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Many thanks to Full Irish on TikTok for sharing.

Don’t judge Sarah too harshly. It’s not as easy as when you’re just listening at home.

TikTok users enjoyed poor Sarah’s humiliation. Here’s what they had to say about it.

Lol, did she mix up the games n thought she was playing wrong answers only?
Leah Brady

She was just answering anything!!!!!!😂😂
Greg Waugh

This is hilarious I can’t breathe from laughing so much 😂😂

Elisesmamma asked –

“Can you imagine doing 10 years on the naughty step? 🤣”

And we can’t help but agree with Full Irish.

“😂😂😂😂 Worse than prison 😂😂🥰”


There’s a lot of head-scratching going on over this complicated quiz question

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