Today in Terrible Bosses – ‘How to exploit people’s good nature’

Over on the r/Antiwork forum, which could be subtitled ‘Horrible Bosses’, u/blink_bridgette has shared a message from the CEO of their workplace.

It’s going to make your hackles rise.

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They added –

Let’s not forget that the employee has been working 50-60 hour weeks for MONTHS, until their hospitalization, which I’m not convinced wasn’t a contribution to the illness to begin with. And this is the thanks our workplace has for her.

Redditors were justifiably outraged – and things got a little NSFW now and again.


“Dear Dunces,

Allow me to guilt trip you into doing something that would be cheaper for me in the end.”

“I would like to do something nice for this person with your time and money.”

If that guy really is the president/ CEO, he can give as many paid or unpaid time off as he wants.

Steam just shot out of my ears… what the actual fuck.

I was a salaried executive chef at an assisted living facility and had to leave at 1 pm for a family emergency. They used 3 hours of my PTO to offset my 8 hour day – I asked if I was hourly all of a sudden and the response was “ You are salaried for 40 hours”.

Okay then, no more coming in on days off to cover people, no more open to close (which were 15 hour days) no more staying past my 4:30 salaried time to leave.

I worked at a law firm that did this; they asked all of us to give up PTO so they could keep paying a coworker who had cancer. The kicker? They didn’t hire in a temp to fill in for her, they just had the rest of us do her work. It literally cost them nothing more to just keep paying her like decent human beings.

NOOOOOOO if I give my sick employee of 17 years who made me countless dollars in profit any more time off I need to make it up by taking it from my current employees I’m not a piece of shit I’m a good person trying to do a good thing. I’m a job creator!!!!!

Hey Asshole CEO,

Maybe donate your salary on a per day basis? I promise you, it’s more than what your workers make.

On the positive side, some people shared stories of bosses who respected the workers and treated them well. Not many of them, to be fair – but this was a good example.

My wife’s old boss was a stingy old miser. From time to time he could be generous, but it was rare. When he passed away, it was very sad because he did give a lot of people opportunities. His wife and son took over. It was a very different story.

All of a sudden‘s raises started happening, there was more paid time off, and on one occasion when my wife got into a car accident, he himself went to go be with her to make sure she was OK. No companies are perfect but it is nice to know that some bosses can be that way.


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