When you give a cute guy your number and it’s the very epitome of ‘task failed successfully’

This tale of a woman who gave a cute guy her number with hilariously unexpected results has just gone viral again on Reddit for reasons which are about to become obvious.

It’s a tweet by @JilliBearr from a year or two back and it’s the very epitome of ‘task failed successfully’.

Incredible. And it got no end of responses after it was shared by Redditor rosseepoo.

‘This is the nicest rejection in history. This person should write a manual.’

‘Derek said “Bro, I’ve got you a girlfriend.”‘

“Now you owe me a boyfriend.”

‘What about the 124 unread text messages.’

And just in case you were wondering, like this person …

‘I’d really like an update on this!’

‘This was 4 years ago. She hung out with Scott (the straight brother) a couple of times and became friends with Derek. No updates since 2019 so I’m thinking nothing else happened but she posted photos with both and yes they’re both SO CUTE.’

‘Thank you!!!’

Source Reddit u/rosseepoo Twitter @JilliBearr

Image Unsplash Chad Madden