This must be the most understated reaction there could be to winning £76 million

Anyone who’s ever bought a lottery ticket must surely have fantasised about winning the jackpot – and had it half spent in their heads before the draw set fire to the dream once again.

One lottery winner didn’t quite fit anyone’s imaginary scenario, and this is the recording of the moment he had his win confirmed.

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A few quid? A FEW QUID? Could that be the biggest understatement of all time?

Although Andrew Clark, a builder from Lincolnshire – or former builder – won the life-changing euroMillions jackpot back in 2018, the recording has recently been blowing minds on various social media all over again.

Here’s how it went down on TikTok.

Some people joked about the things he could afford after his big win.

We can’t argue with this.


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Source @greatbritishmemes Image LesColporteurs on Pixabay