This brutal 4-word takedown of Marjorie Taylor Greene is simply savage (and took us a few seconds too long to get)

Marjorie Taylor Greene will presumably need no introduction and neither will our increasingly frequent ‘comeback of the day’ posts.

And this response to one of Greene’s (many) proclamations this week following the indictment of Donald Trump, when he became the first president to be charged with (34) crimes is a clear winner.

‘Turns out Marjarine is flammable,’ said ZacReligious who shared it over on Reddit.

Took us just a few seconds too long to get it.

‘Why are democrats jealous of a loser? Normal people don’t idolize politicians, wackadoodles idolize politicians.’

‘They don’t have a Donald Trump

‘And thank fuck for that.’

‘American politics are really devolving all the way back to playground levels. I’ve yet to see a Republican talk actual politics.’

Talking of the playground, it was an absolute treat earlier this week when The Daily Show did this …

Source Reddit u/ZacReligious