Martin Lewis perfectly summed up Thérèse Coffey’s questionable claims on the sewage crisis

As Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Thérèse Coffey is responsible for the state of England’s waterways – and with sewage spillages at a record high in modern times, they aren’t in the best of health.

She appeared on Sunday With Laura Kuenssberg and faced a straight question. “Would you go for a swim in that kind of water?”

Who to believe – the European Environment Agency and the footage of effluent pouring out of pipes onto beaches and into rivers …or the woman who blamed the UK’s poor Covid record on people being old and obese?

Tweeters didn’t take long to decide.

But fellow guest, money expert and cost of living campaigner Martin Lewis summed up her response in the best way.

His comment went down a lot better than hers had.

We’ll just leave this here.


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