Sooz Kempner’s Nadine Dorries parody put the cherry on the cake of Boris Johnson’s irate exit

By now, you’ll be aware of the unexpected resignation of Boris Johnson on Friday evening, after he had been made aware of the findings of the Privileges Committee investigation into whether he had deliberately misled Parliament.

We can all take an educated guess at what that said.

You may also be aware that Nadine Dorries stepped down a few hours before Johnson, making cryptic mumblings that amounted to the political equivalent of those ‘Fuuuuumin’. Gonna have to take a break.’ Facebook statuses.

We’re happy to report that singer, actor and comedian Sooz Kempner – @SoozUK on Twitter – spotted an opportunity to revisit her matchless Nadine Dorries parody.

“Stop all the clocks. Cut up the television. Prevent your dog from doing …that.”

YouTube users were suitably impressed.

You’re a master at this, hilarious.
Jim Hamilton

I get this horrible feeling that this is exactly what was going through her mind…
Tim Hall

I was so happy when I heard the news cause I knew we’d get a new chapter.
Jon Stewart

Sooz posted the sketch on Twitter, where it got even more love.

Someone pointed out that losing these Sooz updates could be the only downside to Boris Johnson and Nadine Dorries resigning.

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Nadine Dorries’ resignation announcement is even funnier with the Sooz Kempner treatment

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