This right-wing bigot’s Pride comment saw him murdered by words

Pride Month is over, although many of the Pride parades have yet to happen, but the anti-Pride bigots are, unfortunately, a year-round phenomenon.

During Pride Month, the right-wing, pro-Trump (of course) bigot, Rogan O’Handley – @DC_Draino – had a specific objection to the celebration/protest.

u/Imnotlookingaturbutt shared it on Reddit.

It’s always better when the takedown comes with receipts.

Reddit had plenty to say about the exchange.

Republicans use veterans as a prop. Much like children. And their one minority friend..

Veterans just want fucking healthcare and affordable necessities. Like the rest of us.

It’s such a bizarre made up argument. I don’t think anyone is calling June “Pride Month” in regular conversation.

“I can’t wait for my two weeks up in the mountains I’ve just booked!”

“Oh cool, when’s that?”

“14-28th Pride Month.”

Can’t wait for my birthday on Pride Month 17th

It doesn’t even surprise that they don’t know about that, hell they don’t know shit about things that are just a Google search away, their only job is to complain on tv and on Twitter

This “draino” person could possibly be the most delicate fragile ego on the shittersphere.

Gonna take a *wild* stab in the dark and say he probably never referred to it as pride month to begin with – certainly not in good faith if he ever did.

This sounds like the intro dialogue to a horrible conservative version of Quantum Leap.

Veteran here, I don’t give a fuck about having a month. I’m ok with others having whatever month they want.

If we could have a month called Fuck Nazis I would be happier though.

Republicans will say things like this and then vote down benefits for Veterans

Veteran here. I don’t want a month of anything. What I do want is for people to stop speaking for me like they know what I want. Also, HAPPY PRIDE MONTH!

This is what happens when you drink Draino.

Wait till DC No-Braino learns how many vets (and active-duty military members) are LGBT+. He will absolutely shit himself.

Akkoh spotted a parallel.

It’s the same as when on International Womens Day they all start bitching ‘wHY iS thEre No iNtErNaTiOnAL MeNs DaY’—but then are totally silent and do nothing productive for actual international men’s day (11/19).

While SunshotDestiny gave it all the headspace it deserved.

Oh no! A guy who publicly does not respect gay people is publicly announcing he will….not respect gay people? I am sorry where was I supposed to start caring as a gay person?


Edinburgh Zoo taking down the bigots one troll at a time was magnificently done

Source Reddit Image Reddit, janeb13 on Pixabay