Jon Sopel on the media’s coverage of the Huw Edwards story feels like an important watch right now

No-one anywhere will need reminding of the Huw Edwards story, after the presenter’s wife ended days of speculation on Wednesday by confirming the News at Ten man’s identity.

The BBC has resumed its internal investigation after the police concluded that Edwards, who is now in hospital seeking treatment for mental health issues, had no criminal case to answer over allegations he had paid a young individual for explicit images.

It was the Sun that broke the original story, of course, swiftly followed up by other media organisations including the BBC.

We mention it because former BBC correspondent Jon Sopel was on ITV’s Good Morning Britain on Thursday, and what he had to say feels like an important watch right now and a minute or so very well spent.

Here’s what Sopel said about it later.

And earlier, in fact, on LBC, where he also co-hosts the News Agents podcast with Emily Maitlis.

And it puts into more context Sopel’s former BBC colleague Jeremy Vine, who yesterday said the then unnamed presenter should identify themselves to protect their colleagues.

Although Richard Bacon had a pretty good response to that too.

Source Twitter @GMB