This mouthy Trump supporter got totally owned by the interviewer and didn’t even know it

Jason Selvig may have hit an interview high when he spoke to this bad-tempered MAGA cultist – and it’s a very high bar. The co-creater of The Good Liars absolutely scorched the guy, and it’s a must-see moment.

@thegoodliars This guy said he’s “not our secretary” but he seems open to the position. #fyp #funny #prank #miami #indictment #interview ♬ original sound – The Good Liars

“Would you be able to like shadow and kind of like get coffee for people and take notes for people?”

“You’ve got my email. So, you email me.”

“I guess it turns out that guy might be my secretary.”

There was approximately zero sympathy for the Trump fan.

You could- I can’t believe- you just- ….YOU CAN’T WRITE THIS!
David Escobedo

The lights are on, but nobody’s home.
Nicole Carlson

Can’t name one. Needs a secretary
Bill Chott

Excellent, sir! You have played the man well once again! 😂

That’s the problem!! Whenever you ask a direct question, they never give a direct answer!!

Fast thinking 😂😂😂😂
Hoener Farms Fine Woodworking

He walked straight into that!

Was his “card” just a 3×5 note card like grandma wrote her banana bread recipe on?
Randy Babbitt

Bro didn’t see that coming. TBH it took me a second too. 😅

Betocratic Nurse had a hunch.

You know he went home & told all his friends & family he’s going to be on TV. 😂


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