Pot Noodle went the extra mile with this ‘jerk flavour’ request and it’s very funny and totally heartwarming

Here’s something to make you smile and warm your cockles at the same time.

It’s always a treat when a faceless corporate behemoth – well, that might be slightly overdoing it – displays its human side, and this one is straight from the top drawer.

It’s a particularly specific request sent in to Pot Noodle about a discontinued range, the ‘jerk noodle’, and their response was all you could hope for and more.

‘I messaged Pot Noodle and their banter game is strong,’ said defacake who shared it over on Reddit.

Next level stuff.

‘Now that’s customer service.’

‘I feel like this wasn’t even done in work time, it was just an employee bored out of their mind who thought “yeah I’ll get them some tissues too lol”

‘A lot of respect for that.’

And also, this!

‘Hahaha, that’s ridiculous. Fair play to Team Noodle. I have a kinda… cousin… to that story.

‘A few years back I bought one of those chicken mini roasts in Asda. You know the skin-on breast with 4 mini sausages, a packet of gravy, and 2 little stuffing balls? Supposed to be for two but I can happily polish one off myself.

‘Anyway, absolutely genuinely, my chicken mini roast came with just three mini sausages. Everything else was complete and delicious.

‘I took a picture of the meal in its foil tray, showcasing the three sausages; and then took a photo of the cooked meal, plated, with some veg; finally I took a photo of the empty plate.

“My chicken mini roast only came with three sausages, but I ate it anyway”… was my very good-natured, and tipsy, late afternoon email to Asda Customer Services. I then promptly forgot all about it, went to bed, and carried on with my life.

‘About two weeks later I had a random large box arrive in the post. Opened it, and it was filled with those frozen icy pouchy things to keep your post cold. It was from Asda.

‘They had sent me a beef rib, a pork loin, some cod loins, a pack of chicken breasts, and also some marinated thighs, some lamb chops, and about 6x packages of butchers best sausages. 🙂’

Source Reddit u/defacake Image Twitter @SeasonDeeper