An environmental campaign group’s satirical ‘Oily Fans’ billboards call out the obscene pay of BP’s CEO

If you’ve passed through Tottenham, Lambeth or Edgware over the last few days, you may have seen one of three billboards commissioned by environmental campaign group Global Witness to highlight the unprecedented salaries and bonuses made by oil executives.

The ‘Oily Fans’ billboards featuring a topless Bernard Looney – CEO of BP – comedically replaced adverts for the Only Fans account of Eliza Rose Watson in those locations.



In 2022, as the cost of living crisis deepened, BP’s profits hit the incomprehensible figure of £23 billion and its CEO Bernard Looney raked in £10 million – more than double his 2021 salary and incentive payments.

Global Witness’ Fossil Fuels Campaign Leader said, in a press release –

“BP’s CEO saw his pay packet bulge, whilst the rest of us were plunged into a deep and damaging cost-of-living crisis – that’s something we really aren’t fans of. Although light-hearted in nature, our action today is intended to highlight the very serious issue of an energy system that pays out to polluters and penalises ordinary people.”

“The £10 million Bernard Looney took home last year would take the average UK worker 300 years to earn. This means in a year when parents were sending their kids to school hungry, and pensioners were riding the bus all day to stay warm, Bernard Looney was laughing all the way to the bank.”

Twitter (Or X – you know the drill) shared its thoughts.

The campaign also got the seal of approval from Eliza Rose Watson, herself.

If you want to see the billboards in the flesh, these are the locations.

88 Bruce Grove, N17 6UZ (Tottenham)
98 Norwood High Street, SE27 9NH (Lambeth)
249 Deansbrook Road, HA8 9BX (Edgware)


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