The takedown of this ‘Bentley Girl’ influencer by ‘Citroen Girl’ goes from nought to very funny in six seconds flat

We have to confess we hadn’t come across ‘Bentley Girl’ before but rest assured that no prior knowledge is required to fully appreciate this.

By all accounts it’s a TikToker who is super excited by the joys of driving a Bentley – so much so that she made this – and it prompted an entirely on-point response from ‘Citroen Girl’ which goes from nought to very funny in six seconds flat.

It’s just gone viral after it was shared by Redditor esberat.

Bentley girl and Citroën wife
by u/esberat in TikTokCringe

Floored it.

‘I love ppl making fun of these bullshit socialmedia influenceresque commercials.’

‘That Bentley chick is cringe af.’

‘That’s why we have glorious Citroën girl!’

‘Lost is when she shoved the trash in the seat pocket.’

‘What else is that pocket for? BOOKS?’

‘She looks like she is ten seconds away from fucking the car.Why does a car showcaser has to have that sexual look ?’

“Damn if this beautiful women is aroused by this car, then she’ll be aroused by me if I have that car!”

‘Marketing 101.’

To conclude …

‘Awesome stuff. Always enjoy poking fun of influencer bullshit.’

Source Reddit u/esberat