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This crazily confusing picture has been melting brains all over again

This picture of a … well, let’s not go there just yet … this picture has just gone viral on Reddit because so many people find it SO DIFFICULT to work out what they are looking at.

It was shared in the corner of Reddit called ‘Be Amazed’ by Redditor 4reddityo who said: ‘What da?’

We spent far too long looking at it and we still couldn’t see it. But it’s one of those that, once it’s pointed out, there’s no way you’ll unsee it.

Here’s what people said about it on Reddit.

‘Turn your phone 90 degrees right.’

‘Good christ I’m an idiot.’

‘Haha someone pointed out “the right eye is actually it’s nose” and I got it immediately after. Low quality pic so it’s hard to see.’

‘This is the kind of pic that should be displayed on the living room wall.’

‘Finally got it. The right “eye” is actually its nose, and the right “blanket” is actually its body.’


‘Thank you.’

To conclude …

‘That is freaky!! Perspective is everything!’

If you’re still struggling (courtesy of Ghost_Animator)

A 90 degrees rotated image …

And if you’re STILL struggling (we were …)

Source Reddit u/4reddityo