Andrew Pierce took fellow GB News presenter Bev Turner to task for calling Russell Brand her hero and it’s an extraordinary watch

The shocking allegations levelled at Russell Brand over the weekend have prompted what you might politely call the ‘usual suspects’ to leap to his defence.

Unfortunately we have no room for any of those here, but we mention it after GB News presenter Beverley Turner tweeted this.

And it didn’t go unnoticed by lots of people. Specifically, it didn’t go unnoticed by Turner’s GB News co-presenter, Andrew Pierce.

And while Daily Mail columnist Pierce isn’t to everybody’s liking, in this one instance he appeared to have everyone cheering, in one of the more astonishing exchanges you’ll see on a TV news channel (or whatever the hell GB News is).

Hurray for Andrew Pierce? Now there’s not a phrase we use every day.

Just in case you want to watch a bit more of it (yet another phrase we don’t use every day).

And here are just a few of the many, many things people were saying about it today.

In a fast-changing news story, Brand has denied the allegations against him.

And just in case you’re interested, Turner is apparently working on a more considered response to the whole thing.

Source @PoliticsJOE_UK