Scouse overdub ‘Silence of the Lambs: The Asda’ is a comedic work of art

Scouser Stevo Stonko is an absolute master of the comedy overdub. His videos of films and TV shows given a Liverpudlian makeover are not always safe for work, but they are always really funny.

Some of the works to get the Stevo Stonko treatment so far include Home Alone, The Matrix and The Avengers – amongst many others.

He recently brought a very different vibe to an iconic scene from Jonathan Demme‘s timeless thriller Silence of the Lambs, and we can hardly stop watching it.

Prepare yourself for ‘Silence of the Lambs: The Asda‘. It’s only 24 seconds long, but not one of them is wasted.

“Oh, yeah. Gerrus some Bacon Frazzles.”

The post has thousands of likes and plenty of love in the comments – like these.

The fart – brilliant.

Sounds like a good night to me lol.

Lol! Love the accent! Bacon frazzles thf thf thf thf thf!!!

Ahhhh that’s beautiful!

I love these kinda things, they make my day!!!!

I doth my cap to you sir. You’re good mate. That drop towards the end was beautiful. x

You know you’ve done something really special when you get an implied thumbs up from Scouse royalty.

In fact, Holly Johnson wasn’t the only national treasure to appreciate the laugh.

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