The brutal takedown of these God-fearing ‘pro-lifers’ is heaven sent

If you’re not already familiar with the fabulous work of @TheGoodLiars then you can follow them on Twitter here.

And here is just one (well, actually three) examples of their work which has just gone viral on Reddit, successive takedowns of these God-fearing ‘pro-lifers’ which are, well, heaven sent.

To say God is pro life
byu/Party_Favor_ intherewasanattempt

And just a few of the things people said about it on Reddit.


‘Where religion goes to die.’

‘Lol I wonder what other religious people think when they see things like this. How do they not question themselves ? Lol.’

‘Suddenly it’s an interpretation. Typical.’

‘Not for nothing, but the last guy at least explained his view about doing what you could with the resources you have to support what you believe.

‘Most of these asshats are fools but asking why Noah didn’t round up pregnant women for the ark and then cutting off the answer makes the interviewer look like an ass as well.’

‘I like how these aren’t obscure stories hidden deep in the Bible. This is all like in the first few pages, stuff everyone more or less knows.’

‘This gold right here.’

Source Twitter @TheGoodLiars H/T Reddit u/Party_Favor_