Everything you need to know about the new US Speaker of the House in 62 terrifying yet hilarious seconds

Having engineered the historic ousting of Speaker Kevin McCarthy after just nine months, Republicans failed three times to elect their preferred replacement Jim Jordan, with the Congressman from Ohio losing votes each time it was put to the House.

Whatever caused a roadblock for Jordan, it can’t have been his support for Donald Trump, because the next nominee – a virtual unknown from Louisiana named Mike Johnson – managed to unite the House Republicans and grab the job.

Johnson openly supports the very right-wing views trumpeted by the likes of Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene, such as ignoring the fundamental separation of church and state.

He takes a very hard line on abortion, regardless of the circumstances.

His stance on the LGBTQ+ community owes more to the Taliban than to modern America.

Of course, he’s a Trump cultist who believes the 2020 election was stolen.

On paper, he’s a more dogmatic Jim Jordan.

TikTok star Greg Johnstone – The Bad News Guy – summed up the situation in 62 seconds. It’s both brutally true and very, very funny.

@johnstone.gregory Mike Johnson – certifiably terrifying #mikejohnson #speakerofthehouse #housespeaker ♬ original sound – Greg Johnstone

“I believe in conversion therapy.”

“Where did we find this guy – the 1950s?”

It certainly made an impact on TikTok users, picking up almost 300,000 likes so far – not to mention almost 7,000 comments, including these –

I really really don’t like the last several seasons of America. these writers are really pushing this dystopian thing.
Jaxon T. Thomas

Why is the Onion writing this season of the government?

Puts glass of wine back, takes entire bottle.
Faith Whitaker

So congress workers are allowed to have no exp. but we’re forced to have +15yrs exp. for jobs right out of college.


I’m from Louisiana and I don’t even know him.
hannah abshire

Yeah…. Lemme pack I’m out , I’m walking across the seas bc I ain’t got boat money.

I’m gonna need CERN to fire it up & take us to another timeline bc this one ain’t it.

All of this. And yes, he not only could be the worst, he is.

It isn’t surprising that some people, like honestpoker, weren’t quite sure they could laugh at it.

This would be funny if it wasn’t so terrifyingly accurate about the US government.


Kevin McCarthy has been ousted as Speaker and you’ll never guess who Republicans want to appoint (You will!)

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