‘The Guy Who Decides Halloween’ has a Hell of a lot to answer for

If Halloween doesn’t make sense to you, there’s now somebody to blame for the chaos, and it’s Jimmy Rees’ hilarious yet awful ‘Guy Who Decides’.

As ever, his long-suffering assistant Jason gets it in the neck.

This sums up the – er – quirks of the holiday.

@jimmyrees Makes total sense Jason not having a good week … Happy Halloween #halloween #barbie #ken #theguywhodecides #haloween2023 ♬ original sound – JimmyRees

TikTok users had this to say about it.

I’m convinced this IS how we decide everything.

Always one neighbour handing out fruit instead which will then get lobbed at their windows.

You forgot to add families drowning themselves in a washing up bowl for a piece of fruit Jason Jason Jason.
Andrea Street

Uhhhhhh …seems about right.
Jestem prawdziwe wkurzona

His “Jason Jason Jason” is making me develop some kind of ptsd, and its not even my name…

Guy who decides is my favorite thing ever.

You take allll the candy from alllll the strangers. it’s fine, some people WILL put sharp objects in them, but momma just checks it so it’s all okay.
Mrs. Wells

Nona Sheri x2 had a memory, which was also a prediction.

Parents will confiscate the candy…my childhood in the 80’s. Separate the candy once home & parents take the good stuff. ‍♀️‍♀️

They’re just making sure their little darlings don’t make themselves ill. Honest.

It isn’t Jimmyy’s only take on Halloween. Can you identify yourself in this lot?

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