Captain Tom’s daughter lost her spa appeal and the Metro’s hilariously brutal take just won headline of the year

No shortage of big news stories today but few will get quite so much attention as this one, after Captain Tom’s daughter lost her planning application appeal for a spa complex in their garden.

Hannah Ingam-Moore and her husband Colin, who have come under increasing scrutiny in recent months over their handling of the late fundraiser’s legacy, have been given three months to demolish the structure.

We’ve rounded up a whole bunch of our favourite responses here.

But we mention it again because of the Metro’s headline on the story today which is surely about as brutal as you can possible get.

Headline of the year! Stop the count!

And here’s just a flavour of the love people had for it.

Talking about Metro headlines, as we were.

And also this one, from back in the day.

In one word.


Break out the tiny violins – Captain Tom’s daughter has lost her appeal to save her private spa

Source @MetroUK