Esther McVey made an unfortunate schoolboy error condemning Just Stop Oil and it’s a proper work of art

Those Just Stop Oil folk have been at it again, this time using safety hammers to smash the glass cover of a painting at the National Gallery in London.

‘Women did not get the vote by voting. It is time for deeds and not words. It is time to just stop oil,’ said one of protesters.

We’re not here to debate the relative importance of a piece of glass versus the future of the planet, but because the protest caught the attention of Conservative MP and GB News presenter (which of them aren’t GB News presenters?) Esther McVey.

Here’s what Disgusted of Westminster had to say.

And it went viral for reasons she probably wouldn’t have been hoping for. Have you spotted the schoolboy effort yet?

Lots of people did, and these 13 surely said it best.