100 people said the Daily Star had today’s best front page – and then Les Dennis made it even better

Back in the midst of the pandemic we occasionally expressed surprise that the Daily Star – the Daily Star! – might have the best take on whatever nonsense the government had been getting up to.

But it’s been a while now since the Star surprised because its front pages have been so good for so long. And today – as we wait to find out how long it will take for Rishi Sunak to sack Suella Braverman – they’ve gone and done it again.

And just in case that’s tricky to see in full …

And then it got even better when this happened.

The fabulous Les Dennis!

Anyway, back to the Daily Star and their A++ front page.

It took us back to this one from a few days back.

And all these from back in the day.

Source @dailystar