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This Eurovision presenter just turned the sass up to 11 and it’s simply magnificent

The good people of Pink News published an article a little while back asking: ‘Why do queer people love Eurovision so much?’

Eurovision, which returns on Saturday night, is for LGBTQ+ people a national holiday, a day of rest followed by an evening of celebration. Gay Christmas, if you will,’ said Pink News, going on to explore all the reasons why.

And we mention this because it’s a phenomenon that this year’s event has taken to heart like no other.

First there was the moment when this fan’s Grindr notifications ‘accidentally’ kept going off on air.

And then when Petra Mede, co-presneting this year’s event with Malin Akerman, did this!

The sass counter just went up to 11.

Not everyone appreciated it.

To whom this was the only reply necessary.

To conclude …

Can’t wait to see what they do on the night.

Source @NicolaArisi