David Cameron’s unexpected return sent this old Adam Boulton gag viral and it’s a proper humdinger

David Cameron’s unexpected return to frontline politics – foreign secretary, no less! – was the big unexpected twist of Rishi Sunak’s reshuffle on Monday.

The unlikeliest comeback since Dirty Den returned to EastEnders (readers of a certain age, look it up), Cameron’s elevation spoke volumes about the breadth and depth of talent available for the PM to choose from in the House of Commons. AKA: zero, zip, zilch, nada.

There were upsides of course – well, one upside – which was that it sent this fabulous old Adam Boulton gag viral on Twitter and it’s one of our favourite TV news moments, well ever.

Magnificently done, AB!

And while we’re talking about viral clips that Cameron’s return sent into orbit again …


David Cameron’s return sent this Danny Dyer moment wildly viral again and it’s as satisfying now as it was then

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