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This person using AI to ‘improve’ art is either spectacularly misjudged or an absolutely top class troll

We’re still waiting to find out whether AI will make all our lives better, steal our jobs, or basically kill us all (or a mixture of all three).

There’s already been plenty of controversy around the use of AI on TV and film, for example, but what can it do for good old fashioned art? You know, paintings and stuff.

Well, @soncharm over on Twitter reckoned they had the answer, and shared just what AI could do for old paintings. Specifically, this old painting and how it can make it ‘better’. And it went viral for reasons which will surely become apparent.

And while art is all in the eye of the beholder and all that, this is surely either spectacularly misjudged or absolutely first class trolling.

Here’s just a glimpse of the many responses – fury, basically – that it prompted.

And also this!

That’s it, it’s gotta be trolling (we knew this all along. Didn’t we?)

Source @soncharm