GB News’s Martin Daubney claimed Nigel Farage’s I’m a Celeb debut was a triumph and was owned into next year

Nigel Farage, as nobody anywhere needs reminding, has proved something of a controversial choice for ITV’s I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here! for reasons which will presumably be obvious.

So much so that the former UKIP leader’s appearance on the show – AKA home for disgraced politicians keen to show they’re just an ordinary person like you and me, guv – has led to calls for people to boycott it altogether

And lots of people got the hump with Ant and Dec as well, although they are trying to do their bit by introducing the GB News presenter like this.

We mention it because Farage’s GB News collegeue, breakfast presenter Martin Daubney, took to Twitter to mock people who had called for a boycott, telling everyone that his buddy’s debut on the show was in fact a ratings triumph!

LOL! Yes, you tell ’em, Martin. Those ‘Remainiacs’ have really got egg on their faces now, right?

Except there was only one problem with this, as flagged by the great @Otto_English.

And just in case that’s tricky to read, it turned out Daubney’s numbers were just a little bit out of date. Specifically, a year out of date.

Mega oof. No wonder Daubney deleted it.

Still, it could have been worse, eh Martin? It could have been this …

And it turned out Daubney wasn’t the only GB News type to make the mistake. Over to GB News producer @benleo444, who has apparently flown all the way over to Oz just for this …

Close, but no kangaroo’s testicle.


The outcry about Farage being on I’m a Celebrity was only slightly tempered by Ant and Dec’s opening dig at GB News

Source @Otto_English