This attempt to get a free drink playing the ‘Wetherspoon’s game’ succeeded beyond their wildest dreams and it’s today’s funniest thing

You may or may not be familiar with the Wetherspoon’s game, in which people use a loophole in the pub chain’s app to buy food and drink for strangers even if they’re hundreds of miles away, if you promise to return the favour for someone else one day.

We mention it because this appeal for people to take part – for this person’s ‘nana and grandad’ – appears to have exceeded beyond their wildest dreams and it’s surely today’s funniest and most wholesome thing.

It was highlighted on Twitter by @roblikesplanes and it went wildly viral because, well, have a look for yourself.

And just in case it’s tricky to read in full – it’s almost definitely tricky to read in full – here it is again, a fabulously funny – and big-hearted – tale told in 3 parts.




And here is just a little bit of the love people had for it.

To conclude …

Source @roblikesplanes