Suella Braverman tried to take on a heckler and was magnificently owned into the next Parliament

To the political cartoon of the year awards on Tuesday night where the guest of honour was … former Home Secretary Suella Braverman.

And it’s fair to say the once and future Tory leadership wannabe wasn’t given an entirely warm reception by everyone involved.

In particular, this wonderful heckle after Braverman was talking about a cartoon in which she was featured.

Braverman responded by asking the heckler up on stage and it went downhill from there, in this clip posted on Twitter by Evening Standard diary editor, @EthanCroft98.

All kinds of awesome. And just in case, like us, you were wondering …

And here she is!

More power to Rebecca’s elbow!

And if you want to find out who won what – you already know best heckle – there’s lots more here.

Source @EthanCroft98 H/T @PolitlcsUK