Sarah Vine gave Boris Johnson’s Covid inquiry appearance a rollicking 5-star review and out of all the responses, this one said it best

If you want a glimpse of just how well Boris Johnson’s appearance at the Covid inquiry went for the former PM, then you could do worse – very much worse – than watch these few minutes of evidence, which pretty much 100% nails it.

We mention it again because Daily Mail columnist and much else besides Sarah Vine was watching Johnson from a hospital bed – our very best wishes for a speedy recovery – and this was her verdict on the former PM on Twitter.

‘Recovering from a small procedure and watching Boris Johnson ’s testimony to the Covid inquiry.

‘His critics will be very unhappy with his performance: he comes across as eloquent, thoughtful, human, grown-up – totally giving the lie to the notion that he lacked the intellectual ability to deal with the crisis.’

And it got lots of very funny, occasionally brutal and never less than totally on-point responses.

But surely none of them said it better than this.

And to be fair – never less than fair! – to @WestminsterWag, she replied like this.

To conclude …

Or even …

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