Brits shared their weirdest Christmas traditions – 21 star suggestions

In one of the all-time top Christmas-themed questions on r/AskUK, u/ID_Field_Blank wanted to know –

What is the weirdest/strangest family Christmas tradition you’ve come across?

They suggested a few.

“I’m talking haircuts on Christmas morning, potatoes on the Christmas tree or presents wrapped in foil kind of madness.

Hit me with the strangest things you’ve seen others do.

I’m hoping I’m normal …”

These were the best responses.


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My grandma always thought it was sad that there wasn’t any presents to open on boxing day, so she would get us all a small present that was from the tree, as in it was wrapped, placed under the tree with “merry Christmas, from the Tree” and we opened them on boxing day.


When prepping the turkey my dad would put the turkey neck through his fly, and casually walk around the house traumatising everyone. After he died, my sister took over the tradition.


When I was a little kid, my aunt who was an artist and woodworker, made us a beautiful set of wooden letters that spell Merry Christmas. I didn’t know that Christmas had an H in it so I was left with an H left over so I stuck it on the end and it has been Merry Cristmash ever since.


We got to a point where all the kids were teenagers and just getting money. Instead of it being boring we let them open each individual card and we all chant “MONEY MONEY MONEY”. It’s funny to us, but my friend came for Christmas once and thought we were absolutely feral.


My girlfriend’s family get rat-arsed and make a Christmas album called “Christmas Shits”.. in their home recording studio. Make CDs and an album cover, send them out to friends and family.


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On my mum’s side, it’s tradition that when you visit each other’s houses for Christmas, you stealthily steal one of their decorations. You then proudly display it in your house, and it’s up to the victim of the crime to steal it back, along with something of yours.


My mum would put our Christmas presents in stockings….not cute oversized red boot stockings. Tanned, shiny, suspender stockings.


Christmas Buckaroo.

When I first started going out with my now wife it turned out that on Christmas Day at their house her mother would drink wine through the morning whilst making Christmas dinner. Shortly after dinner the wine would have done it’s job and would put her to sleep on the sofa. People would then play buckaroo with her, piling on their Christmas presents to see how many it would take for her to wake up.


I put cardboard cut outs in my porch every year. Started with John Travolta, then Nic Cage, then Martin from Friday Night Dinner, and this year I’ve gone renegade and got a cow.