Kieran Culkin hilariously roasted Pedro Pascal at the Golden Globes and every award winner should do this now

The fabulous Kieran Culkin not only beat his Succession co-stars Brian Cox and Jeremy Strong at the Golden Globes, he also pipped the Pedro Pascal, who was nominated for The Last of Us.

Now we love Pascal just as much as we love Culkin, but for these 9 seconds of Culkin’s magnificent acceptance speech, Culkin has just edged ahead. For now.

Adore everything about that. And he didn’t stop there, obviously.

And here is just a bit of the love people had for it (and them).

And Culkin was on fire all night, it turns out, after he snuck into the post-gong press Q&A for his Succession buddy, Matthew Macfadyen.

And also …

And this! From a few years back.

Last word to Pedro Pascal.

Source @Variety