This response to an outrageously entitled (former) boss was already good but this reply was even better

Over on Reddit people have been sharing stories of bosses who fired them or made them redundant, only to subsequently ask them for their help with a work matter.

Yes, we know!

And we’re very glad to say they got just the responses they deserved, and they surely don’t come better than this classic exchange shared on Twitter by the entirely appropriately named @fuckyouiquit.

And the reason we spotted it because the story prompted another person to share their response when a similar thing happened to them. It went viral after it was posted by Redditor ThenLawx who said: ‘Gottem.’


And just a few of the responses it prompted.

‘The company: thank god we fired her, she hardly changed anything.. See nothing new. It’s still the same system.’

‘They’ll think that until the next person doesn’t get a fraction of the work done in the same time and they’ll wonder why the new person sucks so bad.’

‘And thats why typically they do NOT warn IT people that they are going to be fired.’

‘Weird that a company would fire you, but let you work for two more weeks… this is why firing is usually effect immediately.’

‘Yeah. At best they usually give you till the end of the day. Employees are expected to give 2 weeks, not the other way around.’

Source Twitter @fuckyouiquit Reddit u/ThenLawx