How would Shakespeare fare on Mastermind? Horrible Histories had the answer

What would it be like if William Shakespeare, the Bard himself, were to take a seat in the infamous Mastermind chair?

Well, back in the day – but not back in his day, obviously – the brilliant Horrible Histories showed us, courtesy of Ben Willbond and Mathew Baynton, both recently seen in the hit BBC series, Ghosts.

@bbc Shakespeare in the hot seat @cbbc #HorribleHistories #iPlayer #BBCShakespeare ♬ original sound – BBC

We’re probably just going to assume Shakespeare came up with every interesting phrase, from now on.

TikTok users enjoyed the revisit, and left comments like these –

The little shrug when he asks why he didn’t just say playwright.
Clebi Clebi

We all know one person who’s like this.

Hell yeah BEN WILLBOND!!!!

Nice nod to Ernie Wise.

I think will start reading poetry now.

May have been on a kids channel, but Horrible Histories could easily go toe-to-toe with any comedy skit show for adults out there, and thoroughly hold it’s own! I’d say it’d be the victor in most cases too!

Horrible Histories taught me more about Shakespeare than my teachers in school.

This is the best bit they’ve ever done.

Do people actually consider the theatre to be entertainment?
I think I prefer subsistence agriculture


It was a happy coincidence for zachariusone1.

Only yesterday I watched the Ghosts episode where they did this.

Here’s a snippet.

@bbc When #Ghosts meets #Mastermind #BBCGhosts #iPlayer ♬ original sound – BBC

All episodes of both Horrible Histories and Ghosts are currently available on iPlayer.


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